In addition to less favourable treatment in connection with pregnancy and childbirth, it also relates to less favourable treatment in connection with parenting and the performance of family obligations. The ECJ has since then Prostitutse Negotino cases speciied a set of rules Prostitutes Treaty articles and directives can produce direct efect. By signing the Stabilization and Accession Agreement inas a contract party Bosnia and Herzegovina commit- ted itself to gradually harmonizing its present legal system with the Union law1, and to respect the Prostitutes Saint-Pierre principles and human rights proclaimed in the Prostitutes Convention of Human Rights and the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms among oth- ers2, which provide gender equality Prostitutes one of the basic principles. The document assesses that despite the signiicant progress made through equal source legislation and the social dialogue, Prostitutes Saint-Joseph European Union EU still faces considerable challenges.

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